So You Want to be a 21st Century Educator?

So you want to be at 21st century educator? Well, then you are off to a great start! By simply accessing the Internet to find resources and stumbling across this Blog,  you have begun to create your own personal learning network and have practiced inquiry based learning, demonstrating the traits of a life- long learner. Isn’t this what we want our students to learn? Are we not trying to teach them to direct their own learning and thus take charge of their education?  Do you need some inspiration? Well just press play:

Seem impossible? What are the roadblocks? Resource budgets at the school level are shrinking and the purchase of software and improved technology that will stay one step ahead of our students, impossibility. The solution lies in utilizing the tools our students access every single day: the World Wide Web , their 24 hour available tutor – Google  complete with its vast suite of tools, their social networks   – Facebook , MySpace, Twitter, all available via personal computers, ipads, itouches, and smart phones.

This website is dedicated to teachers who are ready to take on the challenge of becoming as Dave Cormier suggests gardeners in a  landscape of roots and shoots, what he calls Rhizomatic Learning, or one of the many new and exciting roles of the connected educator proposed by Stephen Downes  – curator, alchemist, programmer, salesperson, convener, coordinator and coach? So in the spirit of Dean Shareski who thinks that sharing is a moral imperative, this is my attempt to share valuable Web 2.0 tools with my fellow educators in an effort to help them navigate their way in in complex technological environment, a process George Seimens refers to as sensemaking and wayfinding.

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